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(Also here's a huge drop of water for some reason?)

I have four books coming out in 2020, which is just weird. This is what comes of writing for three different publishers and is an excellent problem to have. 

Bears Behaving Badly is the first in my new shapeshifter trilogy; it takes place in a world where shapeshifters like werewolves, werebears, and wereotters (shut up, those are a thing!) exist and have their own separate social services, like CPS (e.g. foster parents).


(Damn, that dripping water is really distracting. What are these template designers thinking? Who wants to read around a puddle constantly being dripped in? Nobody. That's the answer. Nobody wants to.)

Because let's face it, teenagers are enough of a handful without being able to transform into moody wolves at will. My heroine, Annette Garsea, is a werebear who lives with a bitchy golden jackal and needs to figure out how a sixteen year-old girl nearly killed a werewolf in his prime, and why that same werewolf turned up dead two nights later...

Bears Behaving Badly is now available!

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Recorded Books:

For historical fiction buffs (or snarky heroine buffs, or MJD buffs), A Contemporary Asshat at the Court of Henry VIII will be released on on March 15, 2020. This is huge for me, as I've been a Tudorphile for 20 years, and this is the first time one of my books has been released as an original audiobook. 

Joan Howe is an American ex-pat prone to migraines and bitchiness, often at the same time. When she tries an experimental new medication, she wakes up in Calais, France, which is troubling, on June 7, 1520, which is infinitely worse. She's at the Field of the Cloth of Gold, a historic summit that was ultimately meaningless but allowed royalty show off even more than usual. 


Joan has to figure out how she ended up there, avoid Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Francis I, Cardinal Wolsey, etc., fix the timeline she inadvertently screwed up, and avoid being strangled as a witch. Worse, she has to do it on an empty stomach...and with the help of Cardinal Wolsey's illegitimate son, who definitely isn't a gorgeous distraction. No, not at all...

In August comes the second of my Tropes Trilogy: 

The Love Scam. These books are the Shaun of the Dead of romance novels, showcasing and poking gentle fun at some of the most beloved tropes in the romance genre. The first, Danger Sweetheart, is widely available everywhere, including B& and Amazon. If you can't find it at your local bookstore, ask them to order it! (Go on. Ask them. I'll wait. EVERYONE WILL WAIT, CALL ALREADY.) 

Rake "I hate my brother and he hates me" Tarbell was minding his own business (kinda) when he woke up with a paralyzing hangover in Venice. Not California, which would have been fine. Italy, which was problematic, not least because he'd been unceremoniously kicked out of that fair city eight years earlier for public nudity. (Don't judge, you judgey judges.)

Said public nudity may have resulted in the 7 year-old daughter a mysterious woman has saddled him with. Oh, and the bad guys who maybe killed his maybe-daughter's mother? They're after him, too. And his wealth? Gone. Literally overnight.


So Rake has quite the to-do list: determine Lillith's paternity, regain his wealth, outwit bad guys, avoid being murdered, and try not to fall for the mysterious woman who seems to know almost everything: Claire Delaney. 

The Love Scam will be unavoidable in August 2020. 


And finally, the third book in my Tropes Trilogy, Truth, Lies, and Second Dates, pits my heroine against the cunning killer who murdered her best friend a decade ago. Ava Capp fled the Midwest after her friend's vicious murder, and learned to fly so she could keep running. But your past can always find you, no matter how far and high you fly, and now Ava is the focus of the killer's attention. Fortunately, she's also got a hunky M.E. on her trail, if not on her side, and together, they'll solve the mystery...or lose everything. 


Truth, Lies, and Second Dates will hit shelves in December 2020.  

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